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Based on the academic work in computational mathematics by Prof Claes Johnson together with former student and now coworker Dr Johan Jansson, Icarus Simulation AB offers services in

  • advanced computational simulation: unique adaptive finite element technology
  • courses on mathematics and simulation technology

State-of-the-art aerodynamics simulation

The work by Johan Jansson is crowned by the leading edge computations presented at High-Lift Prediction Workshop III allowing for the first time computational simulation of full time-dependent turbulent flow around a jumbo-jet in full landing configuration, including the following unique features:

  • automatic turbulence simulation
  • automatic adaptive error control
  • computational efficiency
  • superb agreement with experiment including stall

The flow simulator by Jansson opens the possibility of predicting the performance of new designs and constructing a first real flight simulator based on the real physics of turbulent air flow. Such a simulator will open to new forms of realistic pilot training of e.g. take-off and landing of a jumbo-jet under severe wind conditions or machine failure.


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For questions or project ideas, please contact Johan Jansson: jjan@kth.se .